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Common Ground Park Wins Real Field of Dreams Contest

ForeverLawn congratulates the City of Lakeland Parks & Recreation Department for winning the top prize in the Synthetic Turf Council's 2010 Search for the Real Field of Dreams Contest in the Community Parks and Fields category for Common Ground Park. Common Ground Park, located in Lakeland, Fla., was created to provide play opportunity for all children including over 17,000 children with physical and cognitive challenges in the Lakeland community. The park features over 25,000 square feet of Playground Grass to connect barrier free play elements and edging to ensure children remain as safe as possible.

"Playground Grass by ForeverLawn was selected for our community playground because it creates the natural looking green environment so critical to our design while providing barrier free safety fall zones that protect our children," said Pam Page, City of Lakeland Parks and Recreation Department. "The turf enables us to maximize our children’s outdoor play time. Our play surface drains almost instantly even after a tropical torrential rain and it remains cooler than other safety surface options."

"The lawn allows an even transition from hard paved sidewalks to the cushioned safety surface with barrier free edging," continued Page. "A primary feature of the playground is Gopher Mountain. This eight foot above grade surface with its tunnels and climbing ports is covered with the Playground Grass. Since the first hour of open play, children have automatically moved to this feature to experience sliding, rolling, and running up and down its natural slopes. No other covering could provide the same natural experience as successfully, or stand up under the rigorous demands on these varying slopes designed to challenge different ability levels."

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