Playground Grass Synthetic Turf FAQ

Looking for the perfect surfacing solution for your playground project? There are several options available, some of which are very inexpensive solutions that will need refreshed or replenished often, and some of which are more long-lasting, reliable solutions. We’ve gathered all the most frequently asked questions about playground surfacing in general and specifically about Playground Grass™ products.

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How much does playground surfacing cost?

For many schools, daycares, and city parks, staying within budget on a playground design is the top priority. But oftentimes the most inexpensive solution is not the safest one. We have put together a comparison of how much the most popular playground surfacing materials cost to help put things into perspective.

What is the safest playground surface?

A truly safe playground surface must meet ASTM 1292 fall specifications and ASTM 1951 ADA accessibility guidelines. Some surfaces go beyond these requirements to manufacture antimicrobial protection and antistatic technology into the surface.

Playground Grass synthetic turf:

  • Not only meets, but exceeds ASTM 1292 fall specifications.
  • Meets ASTM 1951 ADA accessibility specifications.
  • Has AlphaSan® antimicrobial protection built into the blades to help foster a cleaner, safer play surface.
  • Features XStatic™ antistatic technology that inhibits the buildup of static electricity on the turf, which can be found on playgrounds.

Learn more about the safety of Playground Grass synthetic turf.

What are the most common playground surfacing types?

From loose-fill surfacing to unitary options like turf or tiles, here are some of the most commonly used types of playground surfacing:

  • Synthetic turf
  • Wood chips/mulch
  • Poured rubber
  • Pea gravel
  • Sand
  • Engineered wood fiber (EWF)
  • Rubber mats/tiles

What is the best ground cover for playgrounds?

Playground Grass synthetic turf is one of the only surfacing solutions out there that stacks up in nearly all aspects, from safety to maintenance to appearance. Not only does it meet and exceed ASTM fall height specifications and is ADA compliant, but it provides an extremely natural, realistic appearance.

Is artificial grass safe for playgrounds?

The materials we use to make Playground Grass synthetic turf are non-toxic to humans and animals. Although synthetic turf has been under scrutiny for using potentially harmful crumb rubber infill, it has been ruled safe to play on. Our products specifically have undergone extensive testing and are determined to be safe. You can find links to tests and other articles on safety here.

In fact, Playground Grass synthetic turf excels when it comes to safety for children! Here are some fast facts about our Playground Grass products:

  • They meet or exceed established testing standards with regard to heavy metals in turf, according to CPSC, ASTM and the State of California standards.
  • They meet the ASTM 1292 fall specifications as well as the ASTM 1951 ADA accessibility specifications.
  • Our network of dealers complete an IPEMA-certified training program to ensure that our products are installed in the proper way.
  • AlphaSan® antimicrobial technology, which is used on items such as water coolers, shopping carts, and nursing stations at hospitals, is manufactured into the blades of select Playground Grass products to foster a clean, sanitary environment.
  • XStatic™ antistatic technology is incorporated into the blades to help reduce static buildup on the playground. This important development helps playground users who rely on electronic devices such as cochlear implants enjoy a safer play experience.

Is artificial grass good for kids?

The short answer is YES, artificial grass is great for kids. Artificial turf not only meets safety requirements, but exceeds them. A safe, lush, inviting surface like Playground Grass synthetic turf may help give kids the confidence to step outside their comfort zone and be a little more brave knowing that they’re not likely to fall on sharp wood chips or hard concrete.

Plus, Playground Grass Ultra comes in many different colors, and kids really love the colorful designs that our dealers create for playgrounds. These creative designs can be inspiring and energizing for kids, encouraging them to think outside the box and enjoy the bright, vibrant world around them.

Our turf is especially great for kids with disabilities who often love the feel of grass but tend to rip it out or try to eat it. Synthetic turf gives them that same feel of natural grass, but it’s more durable and long lasting.

How long does playground surfacing last?

When you invest in a playground, you want to be sure it provides maximum safety for as long as possible. Playground Grass™ products last longer than most safety surfacing you’ll find, and they come backed by our 15-year warranty.

Why is artificial grass the best surfacing solution for a Playground?

Playground Grass synthetic turf is the best surfacing solution for playgrounds because it’s a well-rounded product that has so many benefits to offer. Not only does it look great, just like natural grass, but it also has the added benefits of XStatic™ antistatic technology, AlphaSan® antimicrobial technology, and not to mention versatility! Our turf is an ideal surfacing solution even for those challenging landscapes that span hills and patches of trees.

Our synthetic turf is ideal for playgrounds because it is:

  • Attractive
  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Safe
  • Long-Lasting
  • Low-Maintenance

What playground surfaces are ADA compliant?

The safety of Playground Grass synthetic turf has been verified through IPEMA certified testing facilities. Our products meet the ASTM 1292 fall specifications, as well as the ASTM 1951 ADA accessibility specifications. We also monitor and meet all the CPSC (consumer product safety commission) standards and recommendations for playground surfaces. Testing certificates are available upon request.

Let’s take a look at how other surfaces compare when it comes to accessibility...

What playground surface is best for accessibility?

Every child should be able to enjoy all the fun that playgrounds have to offer without struggling or feeling exhausted trying to navigate a playground. It was a top priority in the design phase of Playground Grass synthetic turf to make sure that our product would be ADA compliant and inclusive to children of all abilities.

Playground Grass products meet ASTM 1951 ADA accessibility specifications, meaning it’s easy for people in wheelchairs or with mobility aids to navigate the turf.

Can you put a playground on grass?

Some simply build up a playground or play area right on natural grass, and while it’s definitely safer than concrete or asphalt, it still doesn’t provide enough cushion upon impact. Over time, weather and constant use can cause the soil under the grass to become compact, and the grass blades do not provide enough protection.

So, if even natural grass isn’t safe enough for a playground, then what kind of surface is? And can it still be attractive? YES! Playground Grass synthetic turf provides the same lush, natural appearance as natural grass, but it has much more cushion and impact resistance, as well as added benefits like antimicrobial technology built into the blades. In addition, our turf doesn’t get muddy, and it can be played on shortly after rainfall due to superior drainage.

How can you reduce static electricity on playgrounds?

Reducing static electricity should be every playground designer’s goal, as static shock is a real concern for children with electronic medical devices like cochlear implants. For many people, shocks received on the playground are more bothersome or uncomfortable, but for children with these devices, the shocks can actually inhibit their ability to play safely.

Choosing a surfacing solution that has antistatic technology built into it, like Playground Grass Ultra, is a great way to help reduce static electricity on the playground.

Download our free white paper on static electricity in regards to playground safety.

Is artificial playground turf easy to maintain?

Playground Grass products not only provide a safe surface for kids to play on, they provide a low-maintenance surface that will hold up against everyday play.

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