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Whichever solution you choose, Playground Grass offers play surfaces more durable, easier to maintain and safer than any other option available. See our range of synthetic grass products that are designed specially for playgrounds.

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Playground Grass Extreme

Playground Grass EXTREME

Playground Grass Extreme is the product that started it all. Made up of two types of blades, it incorporates high durability and realism into one quality product. A combination of straight and curled blades help fill the product and reduce infill flyout.

Playground Grass Discovery

Playground Grass DISCOVERY

Playground Grass Discovery was designed with smaller children and unique indoor environments in mind. This is as durable as they come while featuring the use of soft XP fibers constructed in a short, dense product (with a thatch) that eliminates the need for infill.

Playground Grass Academy

Playground Grass ACADEMY

Playground Grass Academy combines several different features to move it to the front of the class in playground surfacing. Taller XP blades mixed with the natural appearing tan thatch provide the ultimate in realism with a highly durable construction. The tan thatch also provides for the “hide and hold” feature related to infill.

Playground Grass Ultra

Playground Grass ULTRA

Playground Grass Ultra uses lightly-textured polyethylene blades with a textured nylon thatch zone to create a full, dense, and safe product. The fullness comes from the construction, and the additional safety is a result of the AlphaSan® antimicrobial and XStatic™ anti-static technology that is manufactured into the blades.

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YARN TYPEDual primaries: Polyethylene XP slit film straight and curledPrimary: Polyethylene XP slit film

Secondary: Heat set textured nylon monofilament
Primary: Polyethylene slit film XP

Secondary: Heat set textured nylon monofilament
Primary: Polyethylene XP slit film

Secondary: Heat set textured nylon monofilament
YARN COLORField/lime greenPrimary: Field green

Secondary: Turf green
Primary: Field green

Secondary: Turf green/tan blend
Primary: Olive green

Secondary: Turf green/tan blend
YARN COUNT8,040/1 and 5,040/1Primary: 8,040/1

Secondary: 4,200/8
Primary: 5,040/1

Secondary: 5,040/12
Primary: 5,040/1

Secondary: 4,200/8
TUFTING CONSTRUCTIONDual primaries, same rowDual yarn, alternating rowsDual yarn, same rowDual yarn, same row
BLADE HEIGHT1-3/8”7/8”1-7/8”1-5/8”
TUFTING GAUGE3/8”3/16”3/8”3/8”
FACE WEIGHT50 oz.58 oz.48 oz.48 oz.
TOTAL PROTECTION WEIGHT*108 oz.116 oz.106 oz.106 oz.
BACKING3-layer backing with geotex laminate3-layer backing with geotex laminate3-layer backing with geotex laminate3-layer backing with geotex laminate
ANTISTATIC TECHNOLOGYNoNoNoXStatic™ proprietary, patent-pending antistatic technology
SEAMINGMicromechanical bondingMicromechanical bondingMicromechanical bondingMicromechanical bonding
INFILL0.5 lbs. rubber psf (optional)1.25 lbs. sand psf (optional)0.75 - 1 lb. psf rubber0.75 - 1 lb. psf rubber

*Product weights shown may have a variance of +/- 5%

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Community parks to school playgrounds, daycares to airport play areas, the uses for Playground Grass are limited only by your imagination. Get ideas for commercial use applications and be inspired by some of our favorite projects.

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Create beautiful, safe, low-maintenance play areas around your home. Playground Grass is hypoallergenic, static resistant, and soft to fall on. See how others have used it to create ideal play spaces around their homes.

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Take a closer look at the architectural specs for Playground Grass, including CAD drawings, specifications, and related documents. Our manufacturer-specific product information will help you advance your project plans.

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ForeverLawn understands the investment involved in playground projects. That is why we’ve partnered with North Star Leasing Company to offer a tremendous financing option for your synthetic grass surfacing. Check out the advantages.