Kids want to find their own way. Spark their imagination with innovative PlayMounds!

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We’re the originators of PlayMounds, and we’re changing the way kids play.

What are PlayMounds™? They are a line of prefabricated foam mounds that add contour and creativity to the playground landscape. With a protective layer of construction-grade expanded polypropylene (EPP), PlayMounds provide durable, long-lasting surface innovations. This revolutionary design and fabrication method is patent pending, and available only from ForeverLawn®.

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Patent-pending construction

Playgrounds don’t need to be flat. Change the landscape of kids’ play with PlayMounds.

Standard PlayMound Options

Standard PlayMound Options

The Standard PlayMound is a 10’ wide by 10’ long by 3’ high mound designed to add a gentle rolling effect to your playground.

Also available in 3 smaller sizes:

Standard PlayMound with Tunnel

Standard PlayMound with Tunnel

The Standard PlayMound with tunnel is a 10’ long by 10’ wide by 3’ high mound created to add an option for kids to crawl up one side and through another.

Standard Bridge PlayMound

Standard Bridge PlayMound

The Standard Bridge PlayMound is an 8’ long by 4’ wide by 34” high mound with a 24” tunnel for kids to explore by walking over and crawling under the mound.

Standard Berm PlayMound

Standard Berm PlayMound

The Standard Berm PlayMound is an 8’ long by 4’ wide by 34” high hill providing kids with the opportunity to actively traverse the enticing surface of the playground.

Standard Mini Hill PlayMound

Standard Mini Hill PlayMound

The Standard Mini Hill PlayMound is a 6’ 11″ long by 4’ wide by 21” high mini hill designed to invite active exploration.

Standard Balance Beam PlayMound

Standard Balance Beam PlayMound

The Standard Balance Beam PlayMound includes two Turfed Mini PlayMounds measuring 5’ in diameter by 10” tall and one 8’ x 6” x 6” high-pressure treated beam. Kids love the challenge this balance beam presents. The balance Beam PlayMound is available in two sizes – 4’ and 5’, both are 10” high.

Custom PlayMounds allow you to create an out-of-this-world playground that kids will love.

We can work with you to create a unique design for your playground with custom PlayMounds made to fit the exact specifications of your project.

Did you know?

PlayMounds offer developmental benefits to kids.

PlayMounds are great for playgrounds because they help kids develop:

  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Motor skills
  • Spatial relations

By adding PlayMounds to your playground designs, you are adding a fun and developmental feature that will help enhance a child’s development.

Yesler Terrace Park featuring PlayMounds and Playground Grass synthetic turf by ForeverLawn

These aren’t your typical playgrounds…
We like to think outside the box.

Playground In The Spotlight

Summit Park – Blue Ash, Ohio

This distinct attraction was created using 3,300 square feet of Playground Grass™ Ultra covering PlayMounds that the kids can run, roll, and play on. The city installed cameras and counted roughly 10,000 kids on the PlayMounds in the first two weeks. The kids favored the mounds 10:1 over new equipment!

PlayMounds at Summit Park in Blue Ash, Ohio featuring Playground Grass synthetic turf by ForeverLawn

PlayMounds are the best choice for your next project, hands down.

  • Unlimited shape and contour options for truly unique designs.
  • Guaranteed against settling.
  • Built-in safety surface with a nine-foot critical fall height rating.
  • Perfect for rooftop applications.
  • Fast and efficient installation.
  • Smaller PlayMounds can be relocated for seasonal use.
  • Ability to integrate play components into the PlayMounds.
  • Antimicrobial premium turf options for optimal health and safety.


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Design a one-of-a-kind playground with PlayMounds!

Interested in incorporating PlayMounds into your playground design? They’re sure to be a big hit with the kids. Contact the Playground Grass team to learn more and schedule a free consultation.