White Papers

The landscape of play is evolving, and requirements for play spaces are changing. We’ve created free white papers that are helpful research and planning tools for anyone looking to create innovative and safe play spaces.

Static Electricity White Paper

Playground Safety & Static Electricity—What’s Safe and What Isn’t?

Static electricity has always been a problem on playgrounds. Think back to when you played on the playground as a kid. Remember those dreaded shocks after getting off the slide? For most children, shocks from static electricity on the playground aren’t painful, just uncomfortable. But for children with special medical devices such as cochlear implants, static shocks can become a painful and expensive problem.

The Evolution of Play Spaces is Changing

A great deal more is known today about the benefits of play to children’s development. And it’s not just academia that are aware of these benefits. With the recent pandemic stay at home orders and social distancing requirements, parents and families are experiencing first-hand the negative impacts that lack of outdoor play has on their children’s mental and physical wellbeing. This awareness is driving change in play needs across the globe and forcing evolution in play spaces and community development.